I am touched by the many men, women and children of different faiths, ethnic backgrounds, ages, and professions, who have told me their psychic encounters throughout my many years of doing psychic work. As soon as they become aware that I am psychic and can talk to the dead, they want to tell me their stories and include pets, loved ones and spirits they don’t know. That is how this book came to be. I wanted others to read about all the ways that people have had psychic experiences; to help them recognize when and if they have had their own psychic experience; and to find comfort that our loved ones are not in the “beyond” but are still with us
Through these stories, the following questions are answered: What is it like to have psychic experiences? What do we learn from firsthand experiences from the afterlife? Where does getting messages lead us in life, and how does it make us feel? How do we get messages from the beyond, and is it really so “beyond”? All of these questions are important to us because speaking to those whom we term as “deceased” is something we do every day, even if we are not aware of it.
Living in both worlds has become my life: the one we all live in and the one that remains a mystery until we one day live there ourselves. The experiences I have had have been invaluable.
My first psychic experience came when I was a child and heard voices in my mind. I just took it for granted because it happened all the time. I was always aware that people were around me whom I couldn’t see. I just knew they were there and felt comfort in having them with me. I felt their presence in all I did. I didn’t mention it to anyone, just as I wouldn’t ask anyone if they breathed. It never entered my mind that everyone didn’t have these same experiences.
Eventually I lost someone to death whom I knew and who was a friend. I saw her in my house; her name was Rose. I saw her as if she was in bodily form and watched her mouth move as she told me to call her husband. It was from that day, so long ago, that I realized the voices in my mind and the feelings that I had each day were not something that everyone experienced. My life took a new turn, and life and death took on a new meaning. I became fully aware that in talking to people who have died, I was experiencing first hand something some people didn’t believe

in, especially in the mid-1970s. As I got older, I began losing more loved ones. In both seeing their faces before me and hearing their voices as they spoke to me, I had to believe that there was life after death.
It was even more than that. I began telling people things about their loved ones who had passed on that I couldn’t have normally known. I began giving messages from their loved ones that made people feel better and helped them find peace - words from beyond the grave. I told them that our loved ones are close to us, did not miss us because they were with us every day, and knew things that happened many years after they “left” earth. It was this direct communication that made me continue to give messages to people who asked for them.
Today, if I think of it, I find myself questioning which life is real - the one in bodily form, or the one on the other side where people were speaking through me to their loved ones sitting in front of me in tears. Speaking to the other side has helped me to not only help myself to see things in a more peaceful way but also to help others see it the same way, giving them an understanding that may lead to easing their unhappiness.
I have learned, after all these years, that the afterlife and life on earth influence each other. We are all together, and both our worlds are one. Our deceased loved ones are part of our lives, just as we will be part of those we leave behind as we go on our journey to the other side.
I want to thank my husband for putting up with my working on this book every day and for all the years he has helped me throughout my travels and talking to people. I also want to thank all the people who wrote to me telling their psychic stories. They made this book possible. Thanks to Jim Ott for being behind me not only in this endeavor but many others throughout the years. Thanks to Debbie Kpgan my childhood friend for being there for me Thanks to Deborah Dash, who gave me her invaluable help in the editing of this book. I couldn’t have done it without them.

Psychic counselor