An Excerpt from Psychic Encounters

A lot of information comes to me in the first five minutes of waking in the morning. We had just moved to a new city, and I felt I had to go to Castro Valley, California. I asked my husband how close Castro Valley was because I had never heard of it until that moment. I also got the name of streets to visit. I went on the Internet to find out how to drive to those streets. This is my interpretation of the reason for this information to come through and of what happened next.
Ted and I got in the car, and while driving to the streets, I asked the young spirit girl from whom I was getting the messages why we were going there. She said that I would find out. When we got to the street she had specified, we got out of the car, not knowing what we were to see, and walked around. We noticed an in-ground water tank. Not seeing too much else, we got in the car and drove down another one of the streets she mentioned. I knew that street was significant to the young spirit lady with us, but I didn’t know why and again wondered why we were there.
The next instruction from the deceased lady was to go to a nearby park. We parked and walked to a section of the park that had nothing on it but small hills and valleys. We stood there enjoying the view and thinking how nice it was. My husband and I enjoyed the beautiful summer day, but still did not understand why we were sent to these places in Castro Valley. I found out the next day when I went online.
I opened an email from Cheri, who told me about her young daughter who had recently died of cancer. The email was pretty long, and at the end she mentioned in passing that they used to live in Castro Valley. I got goosebumps. I wrote Cheri back telling her the complete story of where we went and what we saw in Castro Valley and that we did not understand why we were there until her email. She wrote back and said that not many people who live in Castro Valley know about that water tank, which told her that we had walked around the area. The street we drove was the street where her family, including her deceased daughter, lived while growing up. The park was shown to me because her daughter loved the hills and valleys that are there and the peacefulness that her daughter felt while looking at them.
A year later, I met Cheri in person when she came to see me and brought her mother for a psychic session. All that day, before they came, I was thinking about the rolling hills and how beautiful they were. When Cheri and her Mother sat down with me at my house, it was the first thing I mentioned. Cheri looked at her mom and said, “I told you about how Valerie loved the rolling hills just when we were on our way here, didn’t I?” And her Mother, as if in serious thought, said, “Yes.” That is the way our session began. Valerie, the young spirit lady, who sent me to Castro Valley, found a way to let all of us know that she was with us.
Cheri sent me an email to describe what led to her writing me and the timing of my adventure with Valerie. 

In May 2001 the unthinkable happened: my 26-year-old daughter, Valerie, passed away from cancer. She was diagnosed just six and a half weeks prior to her death. She left behind a loving husband and a son who had just turned two years old the day before she passed.
After some time had gone by, I began wondering about where we go after we die and whether we communicate with those who have gone before us. I turned to watching psychics on TV and reading as much as I could on the subject. I also yearned to be able to talk to a psychic in hopes of communicating with my daughter. I even checked into getting a reading from psychics I saw on TV, but the waiting lists were years long, and they were located far away.
On one of my trips to the local bookstore in search of new books on the subject I saw Irma Slage’s first book, “Phases of Life After Death.” I picked it up and noticed that it said something about a free psychic reading if you purchased her book. I also noticed that she lived locally, so I thought this could be my answer.
About halfway through Irma’s book, on a weekend, I considered emailing her for my free reading, but than I thought, I should wait until I finished her book. My waiting to write Irma was very significant. Within a few days I completed the book and finally emailed Irma. She responded by asking me to submit a few questions, which I did. Irma responded to my questions and I thanked her for her time and information on upcoming lectures. I let her know that we might be in her area as we were formerly from Castro Valley and still had family in the area.
She responded by asking if I lived anywhere near the Almond Reservoir in Castro Valley. I thought this was a little strange because this reservoir isn’t well known, nor is it a destination for anyone to visit. It’s just a small neighborhood water-storage facility near a place we had lived 14 years ago. It had been Valerie’s childhood home from the ages of two through fourteen.
On Irma’s end, she had woken up the previous weekend the weekend I referred to above - and told her husband that they needed to go to Castro Valley and gave him two street names. As Irma was still fairly new to the area, they checked the map and discovered it was close enough for them to go. They drove around these two streets and also walked around the area but did not know why. Then, a few days later, I sent her my first email. I didn’t give Irma any addresses or street names, but she gave the street names to me – one being the street we had lived on 14 years previously.
Since then, I’ve had a reading with Irma and many messages from Valerie through Irma with information that only those closest to Valerie would know. Most notably, in our reading she came up with the numbers 59 and 58 and wanted to know if they meant anything to me. I told her I couldn’t think of anything at the moment. A few weeks later, my husband said, “I know what those numbers mean. Valerie died on 5/9, and her son’s birthday is 5/8.” To this day, those numbers keep coming up in our life.
There was also a reference to the name Scarlett. Only someone who knew my daughter would know her absolute favorite movie was “Gone With The Wind,” with Scarlett being the lead character! Thank you Irma, as you have a true gift.

Cheri, California

As time went on, I got to know Valerie’s family and grew close to her deceased daughter, Valerie. Cheri’s sister, Barbara, bought my book, Phases of Life After Death, and wrote me the following email after I had used automatic writing to answer her question.

Thank you for your response. I read my email this morning quickly before I needed to be out the door to work. I turned off the computer and was filled with excitement to realize the identity of the Scarlett about whom you wrote. “Scarlett” was Valerie, Cheri’s daughter, my Godchild and niece. She was fascinated with the movie, “Gone With the Wind,” and had collected all the memorabilia, which Cheri has saved. What a validation. Who else would call herself Scarlett?” A Scarlett and Rhett Butler dancing figurine was given to Valerie from by mother-in-law many years ago, knowing her love for the movie. Cheri also reminded me of the Valerie - Scarlett connection. 

Barbara, California

After reading Barbara’s email, I got goosebumps. And just the other day, I got an email from Cheri. It was very common for us to think of each other, and then I would email or call her. An example would be the time I phoned Cheri on her cell phone only to find out that Barbara, Cheri, and their spouses had just been talking about me. It has happened many times. I hadn’t written her for a while when I suddenly felt the need to email her and ask how her mom was doing. The following was Cheri’s reply:

My mom and I were just talking about you over to the weekend. My brother came over her house to install a new cable box for her TV and found a tape recorder that had fallen behind the TV. Now, how often does someone look behind their TV? Anyway, it was the tape recorder with the tape of the reading you gave me a few years ago.
I was just thinking about the tape recorder and tape a few weeks ago and wondering where it was -- thank goodness I didn't try looking for it then, as I would have gone crazy. Anyway, I was going to look for it because I wanted to listen to it again and go over my emails so I could give you a submission for your book and just wanted to refresh my memory before I did so. Is that weird or what? 

Cheri, California